Helsinki and Suomenilinna island

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  • Duration: 6 hours

This fascinating trip to Finland's past includes a ferry ride that will take you through the
magnificent Fortress of the Sea of ​​Suomenlinna.
We will visit the Maritime Defensive Complex of Suomenlinna, which is more than one hundred
years old and situated on the group of six islands.
On the mainland we will explore the main monuments of Helsinki, including the Senate Square,
the Helsinki Cathedral and the Church of the Rock.
Work on the Suomenlinna Fortress began in the 18th century and was a key part of the Swedish
naval defense system. The Russian tsar Peter the Great decided to create these defensive bases
for the new Russian capital. From St. Petersburg to the Gulf of Finland there was a significant
change of security balance in the northern part of the Baltic Sea. Today the Fortress of
Suomenlinna is a popular destination for the most curious travelers and is used mainly as a place
for relaxation and picnics.
During this visit, we have the opportunity to see the tunnels, the dry dock and the stone walls of
the fortress that are still in a very good condition. The irregular chain of bastions gives a good
idea of ​​how the change of times and political trends have influenced the development of the
fortress. There are also dozens of mysterious underwater sites around the fort. Even though they
cannot be visited, the guide will tell and explain the most exciting stories and legends of Finland
and the Baltic Sea, as well as many other interesting secrets that Suomenlinna hides.
On the mainland, a trip by private car will take you through the streets of Helsinki, where you
will explore the architecture, history and the daily life of the city.
This relaxing trip begins before the return from Suomenlinna with a stop at the Senate Square.
The magnificent historical part of the center is a great example of the 19th century architecture.
The Senate Square offers a view of the impressive Helsinki Cathedral that rises above the square,
the main building of the Helsinki University, the Government Palace and the National Library
with a statue of the Russian Tsar Alexander II, contemplating the square from its center.
During our trip we pass by the breathtaking Russian Orthodox Uspenski Cathedral, the
Presidential Palace, which also served as the imperial palace during the Tsarist era, The Ateneum
Art Museum, - part of the Finnish National Gallery, and the Kiasma Contemporary Art Museum.
We take a break before the ferry, in the lively Market Square where you can take a glimpse of
everyday life and have the opportunity to do some shopping.
The tour ends with a visit to the "Church of the Rock" or Church of Temppeliaukio, - a unique
rock-cut that is perfectly integrated into nature. We will also take a short break to see the

monument to the famous Finnish composer Sibelius. At the end of this tour full of events, fun
and valuable experiences, the guide will accompany you back to the cruise port.
Places to visit:
-Fortress of Suomenlinna.
-Sea of Helsinki.
-Ateneum Art Museum.
-Museum of Kiasma Art.
- Uspenski Cathedral.
-Sculpture dedicated to the Olympic runner Paavo Nurmi.
-Monument to Sibelius.
-Monument to Alexander II.
-The Rock Church of Temppeliaukio.
- Helsinki Cathedral.
NOTE: The guided tour in Suomenilinna is paid extra – from 150 to 250 EUR (the exact price
will be reported at the time of booking).
The round trip ferry ticket to Suomenlina Island -7 EUR per adult and 3.5 EUR per child (from 4
to 14 years old).
Important note about the meeting in the port of Helsinki:
The guide will wait you at the general departure exit for passengers, not at the exit of the ship. In
West Harbor you have to go through the souvenir shop; Near the exit of this shop you will find
our guide or your bus. In Hernesaari, the guide and the bus will meet you at the parking lot in
front of the port exit door.

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